NutriFair returns in January 2024

It has been decided to wait until January 2024 to hold the next version of the NutriFair trade fair. The decision is based on agreement between Messe C, the fair committee and a wide selection of this year's exhibitors.

It was the 10th time that Messe C could open its doors to the livestock production fair NutriFair in May this spring.  The fair's exhibitors expressed great joy to finally be together again, but a combination of the term, the good weather and the tense market situation had a negative impact on the number of visitors.

We have therefore decided that the NutriFair fair will not return until January 2024. On the usual deadline in January 2023, MESSE C will instead hold a networkseminar, where the industry can meet and network.

Before the decision on the next nutrifair has been made, Messe C and the exhibition committee have been in continuous dialogue with representatives from all branches of the industry.

"It is important to us that NutriFair is by the industry and for the industry. Therefore, we always hear our comité and exhibitors when important decisions need to be made.  We involved them in the decisions to move the fair earlier this year, and we have very much listened to them this time around as well, and this is why we have chosen to wait until January 2024 for the actual fair," explains project manager for NutriFair at Messe C, Ida Hahn Brøgger.

NutriFair will be held again on 17-18 January 2024.

Listening to the wishes of the exhibitors

NutriFair sticks to the original concept, which is that the industry's decision-makers must have a meeting place for professional sparring and input across the branches of livestock production. "The anniversary fair, which was held in May, is just eight months ahead of NutriFair being held in January again, and due to the recession we are currently experiencing, the time period is too short," explains Morten Biel Hansen, member of the exhibition committee and CEO of Alltech:

"Although we are still seeing great support for the fair from the exhibitors, eight months between two fairs is too little in the market we are currently experiencing. We have valued the exhibitors' desire for a break incredibly highly, and have therefore come to this decision," he says.

"My talk with a lot of exhibitors prior to the decision has meant a lot. Several have been involved all 10 years, and therefore it is absolutely right to hear their opinion and take note of it, because we believe that the experienced exhibitors have and should have a large part of the ownership of the fair," says Morten Biel Hansen.

One exhibitor who has benefited greatly from being a part of NutriFair is Brdr. Ewers. Sales Manager at Brdr Ewers, Carsten Jensen, is one of those who have been consulted prior to the decision.

"At Brdr. Ewers, we clearly see it as a better solution to wait until January 2024 with the regular fair. It would be far too early to have to hold another fair as early as January after the one in May this year. I was asked about my opinion, and I must say, I have had my wish fulfilled," says Carsten Jensen.


Exhibitors can look forward to an invitation to the networking day in January 2023 as well as look forward to the reunion with NutriFair in January 2024.