NutriFair was created in a collaboration between several major Danish companies in the agricultural industry. They wanted to create a trade fair that differed from the others - both by virtue of its professional participants and visitors, but also through a completely different framework that could create plenty of time and space to form new, good connections and presence among the participants.

This has been created with the help of the creative forces within the Trade Fair Committee, which since the first trade fair in 2011 has ensured a good and professional environment at NutriFair, which invites immersion and trusting conversations between skilled professionals.

The trade fair committee consists of some of the original members from the beginning of NutriFair, who laid the building blocks for a trade fair that still maintains a focus on presence and specialization. Mixed with both new and young members who have joined the committee. Their contribution helps to ensure different perspectives on the continuously development of NutriFair.

Johnni Pedersen is CEO of Jorenku and co-founded the Nutrifair trade fair in 2010. He has been part of the trade fair committee ever since and helps to bring together an increasing number of leaders and professionals in and around agriculture for the annual NutriFair trade fair.

In addition to helping to shape the original thoughts and values behind Nutrifair, Johnni Pedersen has also created an international awareness of the fair. Jorenku's products are sold in most of the world, and thus the fair receives visitors from Australia, the USA, Asia, etc. every year, which helps to create new networks between visitors and dealers across national borders.

Kjartan Poulsen has been a member of the trade fair committee since 2016. As chairman of the National Association of Danish Milk Producers, he gives a voice to cattle farming and milk producers at NutriFair. He has many years of experience in association work and thus contributes to the committee being a solid base for the work behind the scenes for the NutriFair fair. Shortly before the corona pandemic, there was a major replacement in the committee, but Kjartan Poulsen stated that "there is an incredibly strong committee team that can stand together and has been grounded very well in the values ??that the fair stands for".

Morten Biel Hansen is CEO of Alltech for Scandinavia and the Baltics and has been a member of the committee since 2019. He has participated with his company throughout the years at Nutrifair, where the large number of decision makers at the fair has been an advantage for his Corporation. He also generally considers this aspect to be a very positive part of the fair, which helps to set it apart from others.

Morten Biel Hansen is a passionate provider of solutions to the profession that benefit the green bottom line without affecting the farmer's finances. Alltech has offices in 120 countries with a total of over 6,000 employees - an international network of people who contribute to the participants through the fair being able to create new connections to the agricultural industry outside Denmark's borders.

Henrik Mortensen has worked as an independent pig producer since 1995 and is previously chairman of the National Association of Danish Pig Producers. Henrik Mortensen contributes to the trade fair committee by taking care of the pig producers' challenges in the industry. His focus is on maintaining the characteristics of the fair with a focus on presence and clarity. He works for a trade fair that constantly speaks to actors in the agricultural industry who work as leading decision makers.

Henrik Mortensen knows about the primary production and the challenges that pig producers have faced on an ongoing basis over the last many decades. He ensures that the fair disseminates knowledge about technology and solutions so that the industry as a whole can achieve goals with transformations that benefit the climate and animal welfare.

Johanne Marie Laursen is Executive Secretary for Mosegården A/S, which sells compound feeds and subsidies to professional livestock producers.

Mosegården's former director Knud Erik Jensen was one of the founding forces behind the fair in 2011. Johanne Marie Laursen has therefore been on the sidelines since NutriFair's beginning and became part of the fair committee in 2015. She has a strong link to the history behind the fair and the values , which underlies NutriFair. Through her work in Mosegården, she understands the industry and the importance of the livestock producers in Denmark maintaining their strong position in the markets both at home and abroad. Her focus is therefore, among other things, on the fact that the program for the fair also follows this.


Allan Trøjborg is CEO of Domino A / S. As a member of the trade fair committee, he helps to represent the agricultural industry through his knowledge of indoor mechanization of barn furniture.

Allan Trøjborg has been a member of the committee since the fair began in 2010. As a member, he emphasizes that the fair speaks to the professionalism of the profession. Through his company's focus on future housing systems, he naturally has his eyes set on the latest developments and helps to ensure that the fair can offer visitors a program that also comes with this, for example use of data, IT, animal welfare / ecology, and to create job satisfaction for the employees in the barn.

Jamil Al-Shiekhly has joined the trade fair committee for NutriFair in 2019. He has worked for eight years for the company Jorenku, which produces and sells farm hygiene products and compound feed. He therefore possesses in-depth knowledge of the profession and the industry. At the same time, he represents the younger generation in agriculture at just 30 years old. He therefore brings a younger perspective to the development of the fair, which may be more to focus on processes around generational change in agriculture.

In addition, Jamil Al-Shiekly hopes to contribute to the digital development of the fair, where he wants IT to be part of creating an even more cohesive and positive experience for visitors in the future.