NutriFair is expanding with a new professional visitor area that will focus on hunting. This area will cover the sphere of professional hunting that involves agricultural land used for hunting purposes and therefore an area of interest for many farmers.

NutriFair is inviting anyone with an interest in the biogas industry to attend the world’s largest biogas fair, to be held in Germany this December. The fair’s project manager explains that this is an opportunity to learn from each other, find inspiration and create a bigger customer network outside Denmark’s national borders.

At NutriFair companies that specialise in solutions and products for the livestock production industry will exhibit. The fair is an ideal window for:

Feed and additives

The animal feed industry
Ingredients for use in small-scale mills

Animal / livestock care

Articles for animals
Livestock management
Weighing equipment
Measuring equipment



Buildings / management

Stable buildings
Tools / tool storage
Feeder wagons

Stable equipment

Loose fixtures (e.g. feed troughs)
Permanent fixtures (stall, floor, etc.)

Consultancy and advice

Regulatory affairs