Join the first round of stand location by make an early reservation for NutriFair 2019. If you would like to know more about your options for exhibition at the fair, please contact our sales manager Edel Clausen.

We are always trying to develop and improve NutriFair, for the benefit of the whole industry. The surveys we conduct after each fair are a very important tool in this regard. See extracts from the results of our surveys here.

Companies are lining up to get on the list of exhibitors for what will be the eighth edition of the trade fair for livestock producers, in January 2019. This means that 90 per cent of the number of stands we had at the 2018 fair have already been booked.Kronborg adds that work on sales will of course continue before and after the summer break, to ensure that visiting professionals are met by as wide a variety of exhibitors as possible.

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A new partnership involving NutriFair, BioenergiMAGASINET, Aalborg University and others aims to “raise the bar” at the Bioenergy fair to an even higher level.

Sustainable energy, including biomass, plays an increasingly important role in our society’s conversion from fossil fuels to green energy and a wide range of bioenergy stakeholders and exhibitors has already shown interest in the interlinking of NutriFair and a bioenergy fair. 

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NutriFair 2018 invited visitors to a very strong programme of highly-topical industry content. Below, we will tell you about the activities that could be experienced from all four of the fair’s stages.

This year’s Speakers Corner at NutriFair was packed with new knowledge and exciting input.

One of the speakers on the programme was Jacob Schmidt Rossen, who put forward some unusual perspectives and observations about the financial aspect of pig production. We were also visited by Inger Marie Antonsen, who talked about how to retain employees despite the working hours that cattle farming has to offer. You could also hear Lene Brandenborg talk about how to successfully attract and retain talented trainees. Jens Schjerning from Agrocura focused on shares and the property market. He also took a little look into the future. For those more interested in technology, Max Ulrik Nielsen from Dansk Drone Netværk ApS gave some insight into the world of drones and what they can be used for.

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For 2018, NutriFair focused on Agro Energy. From the stage in the hall D area, visitors could learn about the opportunities and challenges that are to be found within the industry. Some of the things you could learn about included energy savings in agriculture, bio gas from a Danish and European perspective or climate action plans in organic agriculture. 

See the full programme here.

LDM were at NutriFair at their usual corner in hall A, where they repeated their success with interesting and professionally relevant talks and a lively panel debate of topics relevant to dairy production, held at LDM's Corner.

Together with the Danish Farmers Abroad and a number of Danish farmers with agricultural operations abroad, Effektivt Landbrug took a look at growing Danish production abroad. This took the form of a talk at “Effektivt Landbrug Lounge”.  

Click here to see the programme from the two days of talks.

In addition to the 4 stages that were spread across the floor of the fair, NutriFair also invited visitors to attend a number of industry-relevant meetings.

True to tradition, the Danish Pig Producers Association, Danske Svineproducenter, held their annual general meeting at NutriFair on Wednesday 17 January. The National Society for Sustainable Agriculture (Landsforeningen for Bæredygtigt Landbrug) also held a one off general meeting and debate on Thursday 18 January.

At NutriFair companies that specialise in solutions and products for the livestock production industry will exhibit. The fair is an ideal window for:

Feed and additives

The animal feed industry
Ingredients for use in small-scale mills

Animal / livestock care

Articles for animals
Livestock management
Weighing equipment
Measuring equipment



Buildings / management

Stable buildings
Tools / tool storage
Feeder wagons

Stable equipment

Loose fixtures (e.g. feed troughs)
Permanent fixtures (stall, floor, etc.)

Consultancy and advice

Regulatory affairs